Individual Therapy

Our brand of individual therapy traditionally begins with an initial assessment. During this on-going process, the client and therapist will discuss full details of the client’s history leading up to psychotherapeutic interventions, together we will determine their identified sexual health problems, we will review interventions in an effort to create a positive change and agree on a proper discharge time frame. Individual therapy can also be used in conjunction with couple’s counseling or group therapy.

Couples Counseling

Sex is an integral part of the relationship involving safety, desire, anticipation, trust, chance taking (healthy risks) and so much more. Allow us to work with you and your partner through your unique issues as we achieve your potential and satisfactory level of sex. Couple’s counseling is practiced with individual sessions.

Group Therapy

We offer a number of group services in-person and through teletherapy. We work with sexual trauma survivors and people with similar sexual health issues. Our groups include people with disabilities, people in the LGBTQ+ community, people from different spiritual backgrounds and people from various cultures. Our groups are on-going where we use the strengths of each individual to bring about a lasting and positive change.

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