Books, Videos, and
Trusted Websites

Suggested Reading on Couple Sexuality

McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E. (2009).  Discovering your couple sexual style. New York: Routledge.

McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E., (2012).  Sexual awareness: Your guide to healthy couple sexuality. (5th ed.). New York: Routledge.

McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E. (2013).  Rekindling Desire (2nd ed.). New York: Routledge.

Metz, M., & McCarthy, B.  (2010). Enduring desire.  New York: Routledge.

Perel, E. (2006).  Mating in captivity.  New York: HarperCollins.


Suggested Reading on Male Sexuality

McCarthy, B., & Metz, M.  (2008). Men’s sexual health.  New York: Routledge.

Metz, M., & McCarthy, B.  (2003). Coping with premature ejaculation.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Metz, M., & McCarthy, B.  (2004). Coping with erectile dysfunction.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Zilbergeld, B. (1999).  The new male sexuality. New York: Bantam.

Suggested Reading on Female Sexuality

Foley, S., Kope. S., & Sugrue, D. (2012).  Sex matters for women.  (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford.

Hall, K. (2009).  Reclaiming your sexual self. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Heiman, J., & LoPiccolo J. (1988).  Becoming orgasmic. New York: Prentice Hall

Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (2011).  Our bodies, ourselves. New York: Touchstone.


Other Significant Sexuality Readings

Maltz, W. (2012).  The sexual healing journey (3rd ed.). New York: William Morrow.

Michael, R., Gagnon. J., Laumann, E., & Kolata. G (1994).  Sex in America.  Boston: Little, Brown.

Snyder, D., Baucom, D., & Gordon, K. (2007).  Getting past the affair.  New York: Guilford.


Suggested Reading on Relationship Satisfaction

Doherty, W. (2013).  Take back  your marriage (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford.

Enright, R. D. (2007).  Forgiveness is a choice.  Washington, DC:  American Psychological Association.

Gottman, J., & Silver, N. (1999).  The seven principles for making marriage work. New York: Crown.

Johnson, S. (2008).  Hold me tight. Boston: Little, Brown.

Love, P. & Stosny, S. (2008).  How to improve your marriage without talking about it. New York: Three Rivers Press.

Markman, H., Stanley, S., & Blumberg, S. (2010).  Fighting for your marriage (3rd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E. (2004).  Getting it right the first time. New York: Brunner/Routledge.

McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E. (2006).  Getting it right this time. New York: Routledge.


Internet Sites: Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), home page:

NIMH, Anxiety:

NIMH, Depression:

Obsessive Compulsive Foundation:

Internet Sites: Health

National Institutes of Health (NIH):

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA):

WebMD – information on many illnesses, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease:

Professional Associations

American Associate for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT):  112

South Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-3061, (703) 838-9808,

American Association of Sex Educations, Counselors, and Therapists:

1441 I Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005, (202) 449-1099,

Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapists (ABCT): 305

Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001-6008, (212) 647-1890,

Smart Marriages – The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couple Education,

Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR): 6311 W. Gross Point Road, Niles, IL 60714,

(847) 647-8832,


Sex Websites, Videos, and Toys

Go Ask Alice! Web site:

Kinsey confidential website:

Good Vibrations: 938 Howard Street, Suite 101, San Francisco

94110, (800) 289-8423,

Sex Smart Films: Promoting  Sexual Literacy:


Tantric Sex: The Gift of Sexual Energy

This links to an excellent article by Mitch Tepper about spiritual sex and disability. Not to be missed.

Secret Garden

The website for Secret Garden Publishing, the company founded by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, an excellent teacher and author on spiritual sex.

A good place to start online explorations about tantric sex. They push a lot of products on the site, but there is a lot of free information as well.

Universal Tao Center

The center run by Mantak Chia, considered to be one of the great masters of Taoist sexuality (and an author of several books included above.) This site contains links to books, classes offered around the world, and other websites focusing on Taoist sexuality.


Yoga, Tantra, and Spiritual Sex


The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality, by Kenneth Ray Stubbs (Tarcher/Putnam, 2000).

Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy, by Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia (Healing Tao, 1991).

The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice, by T.K.V. Desikachar (Inner Traditions, 1999).

Health, Healing and Beyond: Yoga and the Living Tradition of Krishnamacharya, by T.K.V. Desikachar (Aperture, 2001).

Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know, by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava (Harper San Francisco, 1997).

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, by Pala Copeland and Al Link (New Page Books, 2003).

Spiritual Sex: Ecstacy Through Tantra, by J. Mumford (Llewellyn Publications, 1987).

Tantra Spirituality and Sex, by B. S. Rajneesh (Rajneesh Foundation, Rajneeshpuram, 1983).

Tantra: The Yoga of Sex, by O. V. Garrison (Julian Press, 1964).

Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn (Aurora Press, 1984).

Sex Work


Real Live Nude Girl, by Carol Queen (Cleis Press, 2002).

Sex Work, ed. By Frédérique Delacoste and Priscilla Alexander (Cleis Press, 1998).

Tricks and Treats: Sex Workers Write About Their Clients, ed. By Matt Bernstein Sycamore (Haworth, 2000).

Turning Pro: A Guide to Sex Work for the Ambitious and the Intrigued, by Magdalene Meretrix (Greenery Press, 2001).

Whores and other Feminists, ed. By Jill Nagle (Routledge, 1997).


Commercial Sex Information Service

A fine collections of news and links related to sex work, from Canada.

International Sex Workers Rights Organizations

Contains a list of organizations around the world working toward improving the rights of sex workers.


Education Wife Assault

A Canadian organization that informs and educates individuals and communities about the abuse of women.  They offer disability-specific resources and training.

427 Bloor Street West, Box 7

Toronto, ON Canada M5S 1X7

(416) 968-3422, (416) 968-2026, TTY (416) 968-7335

Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN)

635-B Pennsylvania Ave., SE

Washington, DC 20003

Organization that runs the National Sexual Assault Hotline, which can be contacted in the United States at (800)656-4673.

Safe Place

An organization focusing on sexual assault and domestic violence, Safe Place has begun to offer their disability initiatives in the United States. 

P. O. Box 19454

Austin, Texas 78760

(512) 356-1599, (512) 385-0662, TTY (512) 482-0691

Violence Against Disabled Women, by Barbara Waxman-Fiduccia and Leslie R. Wolfe (Center for Women’s Policy Studies, 1999). This article can be downloaded for free at: or by contacting the Center for Women’s Policy Studies

1211 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 312

Washington, DC 20036

(202)872-1770, (202)296-8962

Violence Prevention Resource Guide for Women with Disabilities (Canadian Abilities Foundation, 2001).

340 College St., #650

Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 3A9

(416)923-1885, fax (416)923-9829

Working With Abuse Survivors: A Guide for Independent Living Centers, by Leslie A. Myers (Centers for Research on Women with Disabilities, Baylor College of Medicine, 1999).



Advocate Web

A nonprofit organization providing information and resources regarding abuse by “helping professionals.” Their website has a section focusing on disability issues.

Sexual Assault Resources

Thanks to Wendi Abramson, Director of Disability Services at Safe Place for suggestions with these resources.



Disability, Sexuality, and Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography, by D. Sobsey, S. Gray, D. Wellis, D. Pyper, and B. Reimer-Heck (Paul H. Brookes, 1991).

I Contact: Sexuality and People with Developmental Disabilities, by D. Hingsburger (Ida Publishing, 1990).

I Openers: Parents Ask Questions about Sexuality and Their Children with Developmental Disabilities, by D. Hingsburger (Family Support Institute Press, 1993).

No More Victims: A Manual to Guide Counsellors and Social Workers in Addressing the Sexual Abuse of People with a Mental Handicap, by M. Ticoll (Roeher Institute, 1992).

No More Victims: A Manual to Guide Families and Friends in Preventing the Sexual Abuse of People with a Mental Handicap, by M. Ticoll (Roeher Institute, 1992).

Serving Women with Disabilities: A Guide for Domestic Abuse Programs, by Leslie A. Myers (Center for Research on Women with Disabilities, Baylor College of Medicine, 1999).

Sexual Assault Survivor’s Handbook: For People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Advocates, (R and E Publishers, Saratoga, CA., Baladerian, N.J., 1991).

The Survivor’s Guide to Sex: How to Have an Empowered Sex Life After Child Sexual Abuse, by Staci Haines (Cleis Press, 1999).

Violence and Abuse in the Lives of People with Disabilities: The End of Silent Acceptance?, by Dick Sobsey (Paul H. Brookes, 1994).


Sexuality: S/M and Fetish Resources


Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, by Midori (Greenery Press, 2001).

Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist, by Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose, ed. by Andrea Juno and V. Vale (Juno Books, 2000).

Deviant Desire: Incredibly Strange Sex, by Katharine Gates (Juno Books, 2000).

The New Bottoming Book, by Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton (Greenery Press, 2001).

The New Topping Book, by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy (Greenery Press, 2003).

On the Safe Edge, by Trevor Jacques (Alternate Sources, 1993).

Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns, by Philip Miller, Molly Devon, and William A. Granzig (Mystic Rose Books, 1995).

Sensuous Magic: A Guide to S/M for Adventurous Couples, by Patrick Califia (Cleis Press, 2002).

S/M 101: A Realistic Introduction, by Jay Wiseman (Greenery Press, 1998).


BDSM and Disability Discussion Groups

Two Yahoo discussion groups that focus on discussions around BDSM and disabilities.


BRC BDSM Resource Center

A collection of articles and links related to BDSM. There are several articles focusing on disability in the archives section of the site. 



A website that will rent videos to people in any state of the United States. It carries a good selection of sex education titles and pornography.

Come As You Are

701 Queen St. West

Toronto, ON Canada M6J 1E6

(877)858-3160, (416)504-7934 5427

Great selection (sex toys, books, videos/DVDs), excellent service. This site also offers disability-specific information on adapting toys, plus links to other useful sites. Both retail stores are fully accessible, and one of the authors of this book is a worker-owner of this company. 

Good Vibrations

603 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

1620 Polk St.

San Francisco, CA 94109

2504 San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94702

308-A Harvard St.,

Brookline, MA 02446


An excellent company, with four physical locations, a website, and a paper catalog. The Berkeley store is more accessible (with accessible washroom). Website contains helpful information related to disability. Also offers an online magazine that features a regular column about sex and disability. Also rents videos.

Intimate Rider

A well designed product to facilitate intercourse for people with mobility disabilities, designed by someone living with a disability. Website features information and video.

Liberator Shapes

Angular pillows designed for helping with sexual positioning. 


Sexuality: Products (Toys, Books, Videos/DVDs)


The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys, by Violet Blue (Cleis Press, 2006).

Good Vibrations: The New Complete Guide to Vibrators, by Joani Blank and Ann Whiden (Down There Press, 2000).

Good Vibrations Guide to Adult Videos, by Cathy Winks (Down There Press, 1998).

The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, by Cathy Winks and Anne Semans (Cleis Press, 2002).

The Many Joys of Sex Toys, by Anne Semans (Broadway, 2004).


Hundreds of stores and websites offer sex toys for sale. Here we recommend only companies we have either purchased from or worked with directly.


94 Rivington St.

New York, NY 10002

43 Mercer St.

New York, NY 10013

707 E. Pike St.

Seattle, WA 98122


Good selection and prices, friendly and helpful service. No disability-specific information.


No retail store, but the website offers a unique and interesting online catalog. Good prices and very helpful service. No disability-specific information.


American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).  A not-for-profit organization that certifies sexuality educators, counselors, and therapists. On request, AASECT will provide a list of certified sexuality therapists in a specific area. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address below. 

P. O. Box 5488

Richmond, VA 23220

For a complete list of HIV/AIDS organizations in Canada contact: Directory of Disability Organizations in Canada 2002/2003.

Canadian Abilities Foundation

340 College St., #650

Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 3A9

(416)923-1885, fax (416)923-9829

Note: This directory is also available in many public libraries.

Ontario Sexuality and Developmental Disability Network c/o SIECCAN

A group of educators who work in the areas of sexuality and developmental disability.

850 Coxwell Avenue

Toronto, ON, Canada M4C 5R1

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

This not-for-profit organization provides health care services, advocacy, and educational programs on sexuality issues.

810 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY 10019

(800)829-PPFA; to contact your local Planned Parenthood, call (800)230-PLAN or fax (212) 245-1845; and the website is

Canadian Federation For Sexual Health

A pro-choice, volunteer organization dedicated to promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada as well as in developing countries.

1 Nicholas St., #430

Ottawa, ON, Canada K1N 7B7


Immune Web

A website for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, and other conditions. A good place to go if you have questions about reacting to ingredients in sex toys.

San Francisco Sex Information

Toll-free (877)472-7374; local tel: (415)989-7374

A free information and referral switchboard providing anonymous, accurate, nonjudgmental information about sex. You can call it toll-free from anywhere in the United States.


An excellent web resource providing straightforward sex-positive information for teens about sexuality and sexual health.

Sexuality and U

An award-winning Canadian site that offers sections for youth, adults, parents, and teachers. Covers a wide range of topics in an informative and entertaining way.

Sexually Transmitted Disease at

A great place to start a search on any sexually transmitted diseases. This site also has a discussion forum, and you can email the site directly with questions.

Sexuality: Health and Safer Sex


The Black Women’s Health Book: Speaking for Ourselves, ed. by Evelyn White (Seal Press, 1994).

The Clitoral Truth, by Rebecca Chalker (Seven Stories Press, 2000).

The Go Ask Alice Book of Answers: A Guide to Good Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Health, by Columbia University’s Health Education Program (Owl Books, 1998).

The New Ourselves, Growing Older: Women Aging With Knowledge and Power, by Diana Laskin Siegal, Paula Brown Doress-Worters, and Wendy Sandford (Touchstone Books, 1994).

New View of a Woman’s Body, by Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centers (Feminist Health Press, 1991).

Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century: A Book by and for Women, by The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (Touchstone Books, 1998).

Sexual Pharmacology: Drugs That Affect Sexual Function, by Theresa Crenshaw and James Goldberg (Norton, 1996).


The Coalition for Positive Sexuality

A grassroots, direct-action, volunteer group dedicated to providing teens with candid sex education materials. Some of the site is available in Spanish; contains limited disability resources.

Contraception at

A great place to start any search on contraception options and choices. This site also has a discussion forum, and you can email the site guide directly with questions.

Go Ask Alice

Columbia Univeristy’s Health question-and-answer Internet service. A great place to ask questions and get answers on topics related to sexual health.


International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA)

An organization that refers therapists and clients to surrogate partners who have been trained by the organization. While they are not affiliated with any professional college, the association maintains ethical guidelines and offers free information and referrals to both clients and therapists.


P. O. Box 4282

Torrance, CA 90510

The Sexual Freedom Coalition

A British organization devoted to reforming “Britain’s silly old sex laws.” Its events often act as fundraisers for The Outsiders, and the organization is highly inclusive of disability.

BCM Box Lovely

London WC1N 3XX UK

Trust: A Guide to the Sensual and Spiritual Art of Handballing, by Bert Herman (Alamo Square Press, 1991).

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men, by Bill Brent (Cleis Press, 2002).

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, by Tristan Taormino (Cleis Press, 1997).

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, by Violet Blue (Cleis Press, 2002).

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, by Violet Blue (Cleis Press, 2004).

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, by Felice Newman (Cleis Press, 1999).

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies, by Nancy Friday (Pocket Books, 1993).


Clean Sheets

A great place to go for online erotic writing. Clean Sheets was founded in 1998 by a small group of writers who dreamed of an online erotic magazine that didn’t take itself too seriously, but still did its best to be fresh, clear, and exciting.

Subtitled “literary smut,” offers articles, personal essays and photography. While it’s quality is often hit or miss, it’s one of the longest running smart adult web magazines and it is well worth a visit.

Sexuality at

Written by Cory Silverberg, this site offers articles on all topics related to sexuality and sexual health, including a section on sex and disability. This site also has a discussion forum.

Society for Human Sexuality

One of the best places to start any search for sex information online. It has articles reviewing sex toys, books, and dating services, as well as links to all sorts of sex-positive resources online. SHS sponsors events occasionally, mostly in the Seattle area.

Sexuality: General Resources


Few of these titles contain disability-specific information, yet they are good places to start getting information that you can adapt to your own needs and situation.

Anal Pleasure and Health, by Jack Morin (Down There Press, 1998).

Becoming Orgasmic, by Julia Heiman and Joseph Lopiccolo (Fireside, 1988).

Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out, ed. by L. Hutchins and L. Ka’ahumanu (Alyson Publications, 1991).

Big, Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them, by Hanne Blank (Greenery Press, 2000).

The Big O: Orgasms, How to have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming, by Lou Paget (Broadway Books, 2001).

The Clitoral Truth: The Secret World at Your Fingertips, by Rebecca Chalker (Seven Stories Press, 2000).

Deal with It! A Whole New Approach to Your Body, Brain, and Life as a Gurl, by Esther Drill, Heather McDonald, and Rebecca Odes (Pocket Books, 1999).

Erotic Massage: Touch of Love, by Kenneth Ray Stubbs (J. P. Tarcher, 1999).

Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Sexual Passion and Fulfillment, by Jack Morin (Harper Perennial, 1996).

The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities, by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt (Greenery Press, 1998).

Exhibitionism for the Shy, by Carol Queen (Down There Press, 1995).

Fantasex: A Book of Erotic Games for the Adult Couple, by Rolf Milonas (Perigee, 1983).

Femalia, ed. by Joani Blank (Down There Press, 1994).

First Personal Sexual, ed. by Joani Blank (Down There Press, 1996).

For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality, by Lonnie Barbach (Signet, 2000).

Full Exposure: Opening Up Your Sexual Creativity and Erotic Expression, by Susie Bright (Harper San Francisco, 1999).

Sexuality and MS

An excellent online book about sexuality and multiple sclerosis. You can order a hard copy of the book through the MS Society of Canada (visit the website for contact information) or download the entire book free of charge from this link.

Women With Disabilities Australia: Sexuality Articles

An interesting collection of essays and articles about sexuality, reproductive health, and sexual assault by women with disabilities.

Youth Resource

Offers sex information related to identity, orientation, abuse, health, and more. Also has a section on deaf youth.


The Association to Aid the Sexual and Personal Relationships of People with a Disability (S.P.O.D.)

286 Camden Rd.

London N7 0BJ UK

Tel: 0171-607-8851


BCM Box Outsiders

London WC1N 3XX UK


2398 Yonge St.

Toronto, ON, Canada M4P 2H4

(416)486-8666, ext. 248

The Speak Up Project

This group has developed picture and word vocabularies for people who use augmentative and alternative communication. These include vocabularies for communicating during a medical examination, as well as words about sex, sexually transmitted infections, HIV testing, reproduction, birth control methods, and sexual abuse.

Shameless: The Art of Disability

Directed by Bonnie Sherr Klein, produced by National Film Board of Canada. Canada, video, 70 minutes, 2007.

Toward Intimacy: Women with Disabilities

Directed by Debbie McGee. Produced by Nicole Hubert. National Film Board of Canada. Available from The National Film Board. Canada, video and 16 mm., captioned, 61 minutes, 1992.


Untold Desire

Produced by Eva Orner. Available from Filmmakers Library.

Australia, video, 53 minutes, 1994.



A website for and about “cripgay men,” although it seems to be expanding for trying to) so as to include other voices in the queer disability community. It also covers disability art and culture, both gay and straight. Offers a personals section as well.

Come As You Are: Disability Resources

A great resource for information on making sex toys accessible, plus links to other sex- and disability-related sites.

Cystic Fibrosis and Sexualityd

Two downloadable brochures, one for adults, one for youth, about sexuality and CF.

Disabled Hellas

A collection of disability—and rehabilitation—related articles and books in the Greek language. Contains a link to sexuality resources. This resources is also available in print. 

Sexuality and Multiple Sclerosis, by M. Barrett. Available through the MS Society of Canada, (800)268-7582. See online resource below for link to the downloadable version of this book.

Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury, by Sylvia Eichner McDonald, Willa M. Lloyd, Donna Murphy, Margaret Gretchen Russert. Spinal Cord Injury Center. Froedtert Memorial Lutheran, 9200 West Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53226; (414)259-3657.

Sexuality and the Person with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide for Families, by E. Griffith and S. Lemberg (F. A. Davis, 1993).

Sexuality and the Rheumatic Diseases: An Annotated Bibliography 1970-1982 (Arlington, 1983). Available through Arthritis Information Clearinghouse, P. O. Box 9782, Arlington, VA 22209.

She Dances to Different Drums: Research into Disabled Women’s Sexuality, by Kath Gillespie-Sells, Mildrette Hill, and Bree Robbins (King’s Fund Publishing, London, 1998).

Women with Physical Disabilities: Achieving and Maintaining Health and Well-Being, ed. by D. Krotoski, M. Nosek, and M. Turk (Paul H. Brookes, 1996).


Double the Trouble Twice the Fun

Directed by Pratibha Parmer. Producer by Women Make Movies. Available from Women Make Movies, 462 Broadway, #500 D, New York, NY 10013.

UK, video, 24 minutes, 1992.


My One Legged Lover

Produced by Dream Lover Films

Australia, video, 60 minutes, 1998

Sexuality Reborn

Produced by Dr. Craig Alexander and Dr. Marcia Sipski for the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. Available from New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury System. U.S., video, 48 minutes, 1993.


Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan

Directed and produced by Kirby Dick. Available from Lions Gate Films. U.S., video, 90 minutes, 1997.

Sexuality: Disability-Specific Resources


Many disability resource books now contain at least a page or two about sexuality. While it’s seldom news to you, if you’re interested in a particular disability or chronic illness you may find looking at those books first well worth a try. We have included only books with sexual content, and magazines that frequently cover sexual issues.

Aan hartstocht Geen Gebrek, by Karin Spaink (De Brink, 1991).

An interesting collection of erotic photos of people with physical disabilities, with text in Dutch. It may be hard to find, but is available for sale in Europe.

The Amputee’s Guide to Sex, by Jillian Weise (Soft Skull Press, 2007).

Being Sexual: An Illustrated Series on Sexuality and Relationships, by Dave Hingsburger and Susan Ludwig, illus. by James F. Whittingham. Available through Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, 850 Coxwell Ave., East York, ON, Canada M4C 5RI; (416)466-5304.

Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist, ed. by A. Juno and V. Vale (Re/Search Publications, 1993).

Easy for You to Say, by Miriam Kaufman (Key Porter Books, 1995).

Enabling Romance: A Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships for the Disabled, ed. by K. Kroll and E. L. Klein (No Limits Communications, 2001).

Illustrated Guide to Better Sex for People with Chronic Pain, by Robert W. Rothrock and Gabriella D’Amore. Available through 201 Woolston Dr., P. O. Box 1355, Morrisville, PA 19067; (215)736-1266.

Intimacy and Disability, by Barbara F. Waxman, Judi Levin, and June Isaacson Kailes. Available through National Rehabilitation Information Center, 8455 Colesville Rd., Suite 935, Silver Spring, MD 20910; (800)346-2742.

Intimacy, Sexuality and an Ostomy, by Gwen B. Turnbull. Available through United Ostomy Association, (800)826-0826.

Is Fred Dead? A Manuel on Sexuality for Men with Spinal Cord Injuries, by Robert W. Baer (Dorrance Publishing, 2004).

Living and Loving: Information About Sexuality and Intimacy. Available through Arthritis Foundation, P.O. Box 19000, Atlanta, GA 30326; (800)283-7800.


Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD)

CROWD is a research center that focuses on issues related to health, aging, civil rights, abuse, and independent living.

3440 Richmond Avenue, Suite B

Houston, TX 77046

(800)442-7683, (713)961-3555

Disabled Women’s Action Network of Ontario

Offers information resources related to reproductive health and reproductive rights within Canada.

TTY (705)494-9078

Through the Looking Glass (TLG)

A disability community-based nonprofit national organization that has pioneered research, training, and services for families in which a child, parent or grandparent has a disability or medical issue. Their site includes extensive resource listings. 

2198 Sixth Street, Suite 100

Berkeley, CA 94710

(800)644-2666, (510)848-1112, TTY (800)804-1616

Newsgroups and Email Lists

Thanks to several large sites and Internet service providers that provide free and easy access to starting your own newsgroup, there are new several newsgroups (or lists) devoted to disability and specific sexual topics. Below are two of the larger sites that house these groups. You can go to these sites and search by the topic of a discussion group.–korenman/wmst/forums.html

Camera Obscura–oedipus/index.html

This excellent site compiles a wide variety of sites related to blindness resources on the Internet. It offers an extensive list of email lists related to blindness and dating.

Reproductive Health


Mother to Be: A Guide to Pregnancy and Birth for Women with Disabilities, by Judi Rogers and Molleen Matsumura (Demos Vermande, 1992).

Reproductive Issues for People with Disabilities, by Florence P. Haseltine (Paul H. Brooke, 1993).

Women with Physical Disabilities: Achieving and Maintaining Health and Well-Being, by Danuta Krotoski, Margaret A. Nosek, and Margaret A. Turk (Paul H. Brooke, 1996).


Having a Daughter with a Disability: Is it Different for Girls?

Special gender issue of the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities News Digest.

Parents with Disabilities Online

Providing information, support, and resources to parents with disabilities since 1996.

Meeting People

Please note: Listings in this resource section do not necessarily mean we recommend the resource. The authors have not tried most of the places listed below. In some cases we know nothing about the service. As with anything else online, we suggest you proceed with some caution, particularly when someone is trying to sell you something.

Online Dating Services

Dating sites online have become big business in the past few years. Many of the larger and better-known sites (including:,, and offer a great opportunity to browse through hundreds of personal ads, get ideas to write and post your own, and make contact with others. Below we’ve included some lesser-known sites that are disability specific.


An online magazine for and about “cripgay men.” It also has a personals section.

Date Able

One of the more established online dating services specifically for people with disabilities.

Disabled World Dating

Part of a larger site that offers a lot of good free information and resources about disability.


Contains articles about sexuality and some about sex and disability, along with links to both heterosexual and gay dating sites plus personal ad sites.

Reach Out Magazine

A web-based magazine and online dating service. You have to pay to access all areas of the site, but some issues of the magazine you can view for free. The full site contains live chat on its own private IRC server, online ads (personal or for sale items), and message boards.



A website for and about “cripgay men.”

Deaf Queer Resource Center

A nonprofit resource and information center that provides information and resources to and about the deaf lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community. The website also has an associated IRC chat space and offers personal home pages.

Disabled Women on the Web

Established by Corbett O’Toole of the Disabled Women’s Alliance to provide information, resources, and support for women with disabilities to continue to change the world.

The website of writer, speaker, and activist Emi Koyama. Filled with articles about disability, queer and trans politics, sex work, and much more.

Passing Twice

An informal network of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender stutters and their friends. The group meets every year at the NSP convention, and also holds workshops at other stuttering conferences around the world. In between, members keep in touch through a quarterly newsletter, an email list, and an annual mailing list.

Queering Diabetes

If you’re lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, queer, or simply questioning and you’re diabetic, or if you’re a significant other, friend, family member, or ally of someone with diabetes, then this site is for you. Writings, message boards, links, and more.

Queers on Wheels

An organization that aides the sexual well-being of the physically disabled community, and welcomes people from all sexual identity groups, including those who identify as GLBTQ.

Queer Disability Conference

This site has collected all the papers that were available from a San Francisco conference held in 2002. It also provides a sign up to be on a queer disability litserv.

Ouch! It’s a Disability Thing

Ouch is a website from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people. It has regular columns, features, quizzes, a monthly near-cult podcast, a blog or two and a community message board among other stuff.

Poster Brat

The online home for Lawrence Carter-Long, a disability activist, communicator, advocate and social justice campaigner. Lawrence is also the coordinator for the Disabilities Network of NYC.


Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization

DAMO’s purpose is to represent, promote, and celebrate the abilities of disabled people of color through the encouragement and development of public education, public awareness, self-advocacy training, networking, artistic expression, awareness training, and consulting.

c/o Mission Council

820 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA, 94110

Disabilities Network of NYC

c/o United Way

2 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10016

Fax: 212-696-1039

Not Dead Yet

A national disability rights group opposing the legalization of physician-assisted suicide.

Progress CIL 7521

Madison St.

Forest Park, IL 60130

(708)209-1500, fax (708)209-1735, TTY (708)209-1826

Why I Burned My Book and Other Essays on Disability, by Paul K. Longmore (Temple Univeristy Press, 2003).

With Wings: An Anthology by and about Women with Disabilities, ed. by Marsha Saxton and Florence Howe (Feminist Press, 1993).

Women with Disabilities: Essays in Psychology, Culture, and Politics, ed. by Michelle Fine and Adrianne Asch (Temple University Press, 1990).

Magazines: Many of these magazines run articles about sexuality, and you can access some information online free from their websites as well.


340 College St., Suite 650

Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 3A9

(416)923-1885, fax (416)923-9829


United Disability Services

701 South Main St. Akron, OH 44311

(330)762-9755, TTY (330)379-3349

Mainstream Magazine


4201 SW 30th St.

Topeka, KS 66614

New Mobility

No Limits Communications Inc.

PO Box 220 Horsham, PA 19044

The Ragged Edge (formerly The Disability Rag)

For more information write to:

PO Box 145

Louisville, KY 40201


Crip Commentary

The “whenever” regular Web column of disability activist, writer, and poet Laura Hershey. Full of insight, humor, and stuff to get really angry about, her commentary is not to be missed.

Disability World

A new webzine dedicated to advancing an exchange of information and research about the international independent living movement of people with disabilities.

Films Involving Disabilities

A very thorough site that lists 2,500 feature films which depict or discuss disabilities. You can search on terms (like sex) to find films either by subject matter or by disability.

GnarlyBone News

A semi-regular free online newsletter published by Cheryl Marie Wade. To subscribe or unsubscribe email to with your request and email address in the body of the email. Submissions are welcome; shorter is better but not mandatory. Use black type on white background in no smaller than twelve point.

Institute on Disability Culture

Not updated regularly. The institute’s mission since 1994 has been to promote pride in the history, activities, and cultural identity of individuals with disabilities throughout the world. The purpose of this site is to provide information about and share examples of disability culture.

London Disability Arts Forum

A disability-led organization focused on promoting disability arts and the work of artists living with disabilities.

On a Roll Radio

The first and only live weekly syndicated commercial radio talk show on life and disability.

Disability Culture, Activism, and Stories


Books: While these books don’t necessarily focus on sex, sex comes up in many of them. Some of them may be out of print. We have included them because you may be able to find them at libraries and used bookstores or via Internet used-book search sites.

Anesthesia: Poems, by Kenny Fries (Advocado Press, 1996).

Basic Skills, by Anne Finger (University of Missouri Press, 1991).

Black Bird Fly Away: Disabled in an Able-Bodied World, by Hugh Gregory Gallagher (Vandamere Press, 1998).

Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist, by Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose, ed. by Andrea Juno and V. Vale (Juno Books, 2000).

Body Remember: A Memoir, by Kenny Fries (Dutton, 1997).

Bone Truth: A Novel, by Anne Finger (Coffee House Press, 1994).

Carnal Acts: Essays, by Nancy Mairs (Beacon Press, 1996).

Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture, by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries (Harvard University Press, 1990).

The Disability Rights Movement: From Charity to Confrontation, by Doris Zames Fleischer and Frieda Zames (Temple University Press, 2001).

Disability Studies Reader, ed. by Lennard Davis (Routledge, 1997).

Diving Bell and the Butterfly, by Jean-Dominique Bauby (Vintage Books, 1998).

Encounters with Strangers: Feminism and Disability, ed. by Jenny Morris (Women’s Press, 1999).

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation, by Eli Clare (South End Press, 1999).

Imprinting Our Image: An International Anthology by Women with Disabilities, ed. by Diane Driedger and Susan Gray (Gynergy Books, 1992).

Make Them Go Away: Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve and the Case Against Disability Rights, by Mary Johnson (Advocado Press, 2003).

Gender, Queer, and Transsexual/Transgender Resources


Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits, by Loren Cameron (Cleis Press, 1996).

Crip Theory: Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability, by Robert McRuer (NYU Press, 2006).

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation, by Eli Clare (Consortium Books, 1999).

Gendering Disability, edited by Bonnie G. Smith & Beth Hutchinson (Rutgers University Press, 2004).

Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us, by Kate Bornstein (Vintage Books, 1995).

The Last Time I wore a Dress: A Memoir, by Daphne Scholinski (Riverhead Books, 1997).

My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely, by Kate Bornstein (Routledge, 1997).

Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality, ed. by Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel (Cleis Press, 1997).

Restricted Access: Lesbians on Disability, ed. by Victoria Brownworth and Susan Raffo (Seal Press, 1999).

Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism, by Patrick Califia (Cleis Press, 1997, 2003).

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, by Felice Newman (Cleis Press, 2004).

Womyn’s Braille Press

This publisher has been producing feminist literature on tape and in Braille, with the help of dozens of volunteers, for nearly fifteen years. Its catalog contains more than 800 books. The titles are available in the United States through the National Library Service for the blind. If you are not registered with the NLS program, but have a print reading disability, contact WBP at (800)424-8567 to enroll in the program and locate your nearest NLS library.