Sex Therapist & Founder
CAYA – Come As You Are

Greg Dawson II, LCSW is a sex therapist with over 15 years of experience in mental health services. Greg helps his clients explore and connect with the origins of their sexual experiences and teaches them how to shift their sexual mindset to align with their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

Growing up in an environment filled with religious dogma and cultural caveats, Greg witnessed firsthand the sexual misguidance many individuals experienced due to lack of knowledge and judgment-free exploration. He learned that so many people encounter blockages with sexual energy and intelligence that often go unnoticed until it confronts them in their relationships.

After attending Florida State University and achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Greg began his professional career in social services. His time as a social worker allowed him to support individuals from multiple racial backgrounds and intersectionalities. While living in Tallahassee, Florida, he had the opportunity to volunteer with various organizations that supported and advocated for black-identifying individuals. One particular program, WOOD (Walking Out of the Dark), provided support for homeless individuals and sex workers. Greg believes volunteering with WOOD significantly shifted his mindset about sex. He was moved by the sex workers who bravely displayed a fully human experience of sex, encompassed with sexual freedom, satisfaction, and trauma. Seeing the positive impact of participation in expertly guided and informed conversations about sexuality and sexual health taught Greg that there is a vital need for sex therapists, especially within the black community. Greg went on to pursue a Certificate of Sexual Health from the University of Michigan.

While attending Michigan, Greg was the only black identifying cis-gender man in his program. Although he learned vital sex therapy tools, techniques and methods, he also witnessed a neglected space of therapy for black identifying men. This experience amplified Greg’s goal to cultivate a therapy space for black men, which he believes will redefine masculinity without toxicity and address the miseducation that fuels today’s culture.

Greg believes sex therapy is the wave of the future and that everyone should have an individual therapist and a sex therapist. Being one of the less than 10% black identifying male sex therapists in the industry, Greg knows the more people he can help, the greater the opportunity to change the narrative that defines black sexuality from a sex positive perspective.

Greg currently resides in Texas. He provides virtual and in-person therapy for individuals, couples and groups. Greg is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated and in his free time is working on his book-Black to the Basex, exploring places with family and working out. Greg can be contacted on facebook at CAYA, instagram at Come_as_you_are2020 and clubhouse as Greg Dawson II.